Danny & Debbie McMillan
11027 Darby Loop
Conroe, Texas   77385


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Baby pictures 2007



Danny driving Wilbur and Carly in the park





Carly, our goldendoodle, April 2012



Denzel loves being led around by this little girl



Brian jumping Gambler at the NMDA show in Conroe 2010 




Danny & Gambler after pleasure driving class, NMDA Show in Conroe, TX 2010


Danny & Wilbur after pleasure driving class, NMDA Show in Conroe, TX 2009
Wilbur won Reserve Grand Champion 



What could be more fun than a barrel of donkeys!

Gambler & Whisper before The Lighted Carriage Parade around Market Street shopping center in The Woodlands, TX, Christmas 2008




Danny is spoiling Hope's boy, Pink Floyd to ride with him in the golf cart along with our silly cat, Rusty. 



Wilbur was part of a Halloween costume, he played sidekick to Juan Valdez. He helped serve coffee to the office. Wilbur's first ride on an elevator too.




Delanee leading Hope



Danny with Wilbur 2 months after  his liver transplant. Transplant was 1/15/06, picture 3/11/06. Thanks for all the prayers & support from our many friends & family. We couldn't have done it without you! 

 Wilbur coon jumping 2004


 Danny receiving Good Sportmanship Award at the GCDMA Banquet


2006 GCDMA Sportsmanship Award (from the GCDMA website)


When we think of Sportsmanship, we are usually talking about how a person treats other competitors at a show, or how they react when they win or lose, but there is really much more to good sportsmanship than that. Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to be on the positive side of life all the time? These are the kind of people that we all like to be around. Why is that? Well, one theory is that sometimes we are fortunate enough to have around us those who are not only good examples, but great “encouragers”. Perhaps this encouragement is what is really at the heart of good sportsmanship. 

Have you ever been waiting to go into a class feeling as though you may not do very well, but you have already entered, and don’t want to embarrass yourself by walking away? We have all been there, and have talked to many others in the same position. Or have you ever completed a class feeling as though you just made a big fool out of yourself? Well, we have done that too. Where sportsmanship really counts is when someone is willing to tell you that you’re holding the wrong trail pattern, or your boot is untied; or better yet, what a great job you did even though you didn’t place. 

Well, let’s go even further than that. What about when a person has been through a great deal of physical trauma, to the point of near death, and after undergoing major surgery and overwhelming odds, still continues to come to events and show their donkeys and actually SMILE and encourage others? Sound almost “angelic”? Well, we happen to know such a person, and this year he will be the recipient of the Gulf Coast Donkey and Mule ASSociation Sportsmanship Award. In fact, he is the reason it has come into being.  

Danny McMillan was ill for some time before he learned that he was having some major health issues. Even during the early stages of his illness he was always pleasant to others, and never complained. When we all learned of his illness and hospitalization, there was a great deal of support from the donkey community, but I doubt very many know just how sick Danny was. In fact, we are very fortunate to still have him with us. The most amazing part of all of this was that Danny maintained such a positive attitude throughout the entire ordeal. Then much to our amazement, he began to show up at events again, and show his donkeys. With his wife Debbie, who has gone through many personal and physical trials herself, doing much of the work and showing, he still came and showed when he was able . Now if you know Danny very well, you know he loves his donkeys! I have no doubt they were a great source of strength and encouragement to him, and in fact was heard saying several times that he would be glad when he could drive his donkey again. But what we all treasure is what he gave to us during these last couple of years… 

Danny has shown us all that great odds can be overcome!

Danny has shared his friendship and love with many, in spite of his own personal obstacles.

Danny has taken the time to encourage other people at shows, even when he was the one who needed it most!

Danny is ALWAYS positive, and NEVER complains!

Danny has demonstrated a quality of life that encourages us all to be better competitors, and better human beings.

Even when Danny encountered “hard luck” in the ring, he still came out a winner in everyone’s eyes! 

Danny’s great attitude, perseverance, and outstanding display of sportsmanship has not gone unnoticed by the GCDMA, and it is with great honor and joy that we present him with a Sportsmanship Award, to be presented at our Annual Awards Banquet on January 13th, 2007. 

 Thank you Danny.


Danny driving Wilbur in Jones Park First drive in 2006


McMillan's Casanova, Missouri State Fair Champion 2005! pictured with his owner 
Cheryl Klund
Cedar Valley Farm



Delanee surrounded by love


McMillan's Eldorado (gelding) with his new best friend, Delanee. Eldorado now lives at Delanee's other Grandma's house.


Frankee & Delanee with McMillan's Enrique at the NMDA National Show 2004


McMillan's Enrique & McMillan's Julio...(Sire Black Jack Cadillac, gransire Wilbur.) 2005 Best Matched Pair Houston Show 


Merry Christmas from McMillan's Miniatures! 



Gambler 2003

Hope with "Donkey Tails" group

Debbie driving Gambler in Jones Park


 Gambler at Good Hands Training Center 10/21/06 at a workshop for teaching kids to drive.


McMillan's Kewpie Doll, born 1-5-07 with a badly bent leg. She no longer needs her pink brace.  (Sold)



Edith, Amy & Wes

Edith Anne, Amy & Wes in 1994

Edith was our first donkey.

Debbie & Black Jack Caddilac

Baby Black Jack Cadilac & Debbie in 1995

He was our first baby donkey 

Janie on my lap

Janie on my lap '97

I stil love to spoil my babies!



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